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Introduction: In the classic sci-fi movie “Back to the Future”, many cutting-edge technologies were like renewable energy application, self-driving cars, smart robots, new kinds of image technology, VR devices, biometric technology were vividly shown as if the director himself had precisely predicted the world in the future 30 years. The development of technology evolves rapidly, and astonishing smart life as well. Perhaps one day all the affairs of our daily life can be solved with the single move of the fingers, and such cutting-edge industrial revolution is actually happening! Applying the information of the new generation sufficiently into each industries as well as men with technologies, under the industrial revolution propelled by IoT, big data and cloud platform comes the birth of “Smart City”. Integrating IoT with cloud calculating by mobile devices and applying them to the fields like logistics, finance, healthcare, recreation, surveillance and traffic transportation have brought more well-beings and convenience to people.

You Buy I Carry,the Smart Logistics and Gift Delivering



Traveling lets us jump off the track and , broaden our vision. Traveling around the world brings not only travel memories, but also souvenir from around back to home so travelers and their friends can taste different countries’ delicacy. However, the process of purchasing souvenir often requires packaging, along with the way of buying them results in various bags scattered all over while it is difficult option to make tradeoff.


Smart logistics network makes the purchase of souvenir become more quickly, easier and more convenient. From the North to the South parts of Taiwan, the well-known souvenir manufacturers had cooperated with "iCarry Delivery" service. After purchasing the souvenir, the passengers just need to fill in the departure flight number and they can expect to pick up the souvenir by the time they arrive at the airport with intimate packing service. After the pickup, they can directly check-in and elegantly boarding on; for those who worried luggage overweight can also choose to pay for freight fee to bring the souvenir directly to home.


For the platform directly working with the manufacturers, it will begin to produce goods after getting the orders to ensure that consumers can get them during the best taste period to taste the Island’s good flavor. And the domestic and international logistics are more flexibly connected to deliver goods to the hands of consumers around the world. For example, Taoyuan International Airport is cooperating with logistics companies to establish pickup counters at the airport, Taipei Songshan Airport has a row of electronic lockers that travelers can receive the souvenir by the password sent from the system. For mainland Chinese tourists, it is also directly connected with the mainland Chinese customs. After the checkout of souvenir, passengers can directly upload to customs for fast electronic declaration in five minutes, reducing customs clearance time to ensure the freshness of souvenir.


The smart logistics of "You buy, I carry" helps passengers to get away from bearing with the inconvenience of delivery, as international travelers’ intimate companion. Many senior Hong Kong and mainland China tourists even start using the mobile phone APP to set order of souvenir before departure then enter the departure flight number. Even the visit to physical stores are spared, saving time to arrange more sightseeing trips and travel with more fun.


When the traveler returns to normal life, and suddenly miss the unique taste of travel, through the price of goods and stores synchronized with the APP platform, travelers just need to pay a little freight fee and the Taiwanese souvenir will be immediately sent to their home. It even lets you become the genius of gift giving. You can let friends and relatives from the distant taste and share your happiness from your smart foreign purchase of baby shower gift, wedding gift or the New Year’s gift.


Gift giving shall touch the receivers’ heart! In various festivals, it will inevitably encounter a home full of homogeneous gifts that are too late to eat and then expire. In addition to the convenience of smart platform, in the future, there is more considerate recipients of friendly interface: When the gift giver specify the recipients, the platform will automatically send a message to the recipient and ask: when would you like to receive the gifts; based on your available times, designating time to postpone the delivery for a month; or even specify the direct transfer gifts to other third parties.


In the future of the smart city, with the smart logistics network of e-commerce, the reciprocity takes only one finger’s effort and can be able to enhance emotional warming, with souvenir delivered to each other’s hands no matter how far apart.